International Working Groups

The participation in International Working Groups is one of the fields of work of the Department for International Economic Cooperation of the FAS Russia.

The cooperation, conducted within the framework of the Working Groups, is new for the Russian antimonopoly service.

The creation of this direction of international cooperation of the Russian antimonopoly authority is a result of evolution of traditional branches of activity. However, the advantage of this direction is its efficiency in spite of informal basis of cooperation between antimonopoly authorities of different countries, which take part in related Working Groups. The participation in Working Groups is voluntary. Any competition authority can join the activity of Working Groups at any stage.

The activity of each Working Group is a separate project.  Concrete goals and stages of their realization are set within these projects. Directions of activity of current Working Groups reflect the existing issues on socially significant markets.

It is also important, that the FAS Russia was the initiator of creation of the new format of cooperation with foreign antimonopoly authorities, by heading each of the existing Working Group.

In 2012 on the initiative of the FAS Russia, the following Working Groups began their functioning:

-          Working Group on Investigatory Issues of Pricing in Oil and Oil Product Markets and Methods of Their Functioning (hereinafter – the Working Group on oil);

-          International Working Group on Research of Competition Issues in the Market of International Telecommunications (Roaming);

-          International Working Group for Studying Competition Problems on Pharmaceutical Sector.

Taking into consideration the fact that within the framework of the Working Group on Oil all the goals were achieved, the functioning of this Working Group was closed down. You can find more information about activity of this Working Group and see the corresponding materials here.

You can find information on activity of two functioning Working Groups in corresponding sections.