ICAP Coordination Council on Advertising

The Coordination Council on Advertising of the Interstate Council on Antimonopoly Policy has been created in September 2004 to coordinate the CIS member-states activity, in accordance with the Agreement of 19 December, 2004 on cooperation among States members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on the advertising regulation.
During the 19th session of the Interstate Council on Antimonopoly Policy that was held on May 17, 2004 in Kiev (Ukraine) the Provisions on Coordination Council (CC) were approved. The first session of the CC was held on September 30, 2004 in Astana (Kazakhstan) .
Following the decision of the 6th CC session that took place on May 14, 2010 in Moscow (Russia) the steering committee of the CC was set up:
the Chairperson – Andrey Kashevarov, Deputy Head of the FAS Russia;
the Deputy Chairperson – Anvar Yuldashev, Vice President of the Tashkent Advertising Association;
the Deputy Chairperson / Chair of the CC Executive Committee – Sergei Pilatov, Chairperson of the Regional Self-regulation Commission of the Media Industry Association.
Initially the CC’s activity was focused on cooperation of state bodies, regulating advertising market and society conditions, that helped maintain balance between public interests, state and business and in turn created opportunities for establishing civilized market of advertising in the CIS.
In order to assist in the development of conditions for establishing civilized market of advertising in the CIS, advertising business with regard to certain issues of national legislations, the Coordination Council on Advertising launched a web-site – http://sovetreklama.org, where one can get detailed information about public and state-run structures on issues concerning business, as well as advertising supervision by states. There are links to the web-sites of state bodies regulating advertising activity; normative legal acts are also available.
As a matter of priority, the CC chose to coordinate advertising agencies activity in the CIS member-states, which aims at the promotion of healthy lifestyle, fight against terrorism, morality and ethics issues and interstate relations development in the field of advertising.
International advertising festivals, Russian advertising events, discussion clubs and round tables on healthy lifestyle, ethics and morality in advertising, self-regulation, advertising of goods and services, which are limited in circulation, social advertising, and training on advertising are being organized during the CC session. Workshops on particular areas of the advertising business take place at that time.
The participants of the CC sessions exchange information about changes in advertising legislation and government regulation of advertising activity in their countries; certain aspects of social advertising, use of children’s images and influence of advertising on children’s personality are a great deal of discussion.
Generally, it should be mentioned that the CC activity has a positive influence on converging interests of society, government regulation participants, as well as on the improvement of advertising legislation and closer collaboration between advertising market participants, both at the business and at the creation of the civilized advertising market levels. It allows for common problems to be identified, taking into account legal and national specificities of the CIS member-states. It helps develop common approaches toward ethics and morality in advertising.