Mission, Goals, Values

Mission, objectives, values

Our mission

Freedom of competition and efficient protection of entrepreneurship for the future of Russia. Free competition between market participants stimulates new technologies and most efficient production methods. It enhances competitiveness of goods, and the level of price / quality balance, and expands consumer choice. To that end, FAS Russia’ efforts are aimed at preventing and suppressing competition-restricting actions by the economic entities, subjects of natural monopolies and the authorities.

Our objectives

  1. Favourable competitive environment in the areas of activities of economic entities that are not natural monopolies
  2. Equal access to the goods (works, services) of natural monopolies and developing competition in potentially competitive areas of their activity
  3. Stopping anticompetitive intervention of the authorities in market performance, high efficiency of budgetary expenditures in public and municipal procurement
  4. Efficient national policy on control over foreign investments in the economic entities of strategic importance for the national defence and state security.

Our slogan

Rule of law, equality and justice

Our values

Openness, cooperation, efficiency